A Typical Instrument for Assessing the Genre-Based Writing

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I Wy. Dirgeyasa


Recently, it is a fact that the genre-based writing English Curriculum in Indonesia either in high or higher education has been implemented for years. Unfortunately, it seems that the student’s writing is not assessed in accordance to the nature of genre based writing itself yet. As a matter of fact, assessment plays important role to success of teaching and learning. A proper assessment instrument leads to the valid and reliable learning achievement or otherwise. In terms of genre based writing, as a typical approach to teaching and learning writing also needs the assessment instrument meeting the nature of the genre based writing itself. This paper is aiming at providing a preliminary understanding and sights of typical instrument for assessing the genre based writing.

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Dirgeyasa, I. W. (2020). A Typical Instrument for Assessing the Genre-Based Writing. Asian Social Science and Humanities Research Journal (ASHREJ), 2(2), 117-122. https://doi.org/10.37698/ashrej.v2i2.46


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