A Systematic Review of Literature on Safety Risks in Mobile Food Premise Businesses

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Nadiah Mohd Noor


In recent years, academicians and practitioners from all over the world have put a significant emphasis on the safety issues associated with food-related businesses. However, the literatures on the safety issues in mobile food premises have not really undergone a full study. Thus, this study offers a systematic and thorough literature evaluation to fill this gap. The purpose of this present study is to develop a better understanding on the literature based on the following research questions: of what are the process flow of activities involved in mobile food premise businesses operation, what are the risks along the supply chain of mobile food premise businesses and what can be proposed for future research regarding this business. To analyze and synthesize the existing research on safety issues in the operation of mobile food premises enterprises, this study used a systematic review method. The papers published in different scientific databases, including Scopus, one of the largest databases of peer-reviewed scientific journals, books, and conference proceedings, are the target population. Searches were also conducted in several other renowned databases, including ScienceDirect (Elsevier), Emeraldinsight (Emerald), Wiley Online Library (Wiley), Taylor & Francis Online (Taylor & Francis), Sagepub (Sage Journals), IEEE Xplore Digital Library (IEEE), and Springer Link (Springer), and others. Additionally utilized as a tool to facilitate article search is Google Scholar. The material gathered from the chosen articles is then highlighted and summarized in designated tables and chart for easy understanding. It is found out that the operation of mobile food premises poses a number of safety issues. When compared to other types of food services offered in the sector, scholars and practitioners are less aware of the safety issues associated with mobile food premises.

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