Analysing the Halal Risk along the Supply Chain for Food Truck Businesses: A Suggestion for an Innovation

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Nadiah Mohd Noor


According to the new development in MPPHM 2020, halal certification can be applied to mobile premise where all food and beverage preparation and processing is done on-site, eliminating the need for a separate central kitchen. Unlike the previous MPPHM 2014, mobile premise enterprises can only seek for halal certification for the central kitchen, not the food truck. As a result, operators and owners require some form of direction and reference to help them establish a system that may help them apply for halal certification by managing the risks of food contamination, particularly from al-najs and non-halal materials, as well as food safety issues. This will be accomplished by creating software for the Halal Risk Management Plan and analysing the potential risks of contamination along the supply chain for food truck enterprises, starting with procurement and ending with the end consumer. Although there is a broad application for halal auditing and traditional risk management software, it is not tailored to the food truck industry. As a result, a mobile app related to the Halal Risk Management Plan for Food Truck must be developed to assist food truck operators as well as halal auditors in complying with the certification requirements by analysing potential contamination risks along the supply chain. Food truck owners and operators, as well as halal auditors, can be alerted to all potential halal risks to make the auditing process easier.

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Mohd Noor, N. (2022). Analysing the Halal Risk along the Supply Chain for Food Truck Businesses: A Suggestion for an Innovation. Journal Fiqh Al – Watan (Tatacara Kehidupan Bertanah Air), 1(1), 1-8.
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Nadiah Mohd Noor, University College of Yayasan Pahang, Malaysia

Lecturer at International Institute for Islamic Civilization (IIIC), University College of Yayasan Pahang. Her research interest includes Halal Industry Management specifically Halal Risk Management.