Effect of Disruptive Behaviour on Speech Delay Autism in Children in Kindergarten in Pahang State

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Nur Atiqah Khidzir
Mohd Nizam Naqiyuddin Ahmad Sobri


This study examined the current issues and effects related to the disruptive behavior of autistic speech-delayed children during teaching and learning sessions in kindergartens in Pahang state. This study aims to determine the level of understanding of children with speech delay autism in the teaching and learning process, to know the factors that affect children with speech delay and to identify the teachers' challenges in implementing the teaching and learning process. A total of 100 respondents from teachers of various genders, ages, backgrounds, occupations of teachers whether working in the government sector, private or self-employed, income and districts within the State of Pahang have been involved in this study. To identify the disruptive behavior of autistic children while in kindergarten, whether on the children's abilities, communication, emotions, social and behavior. This study has used the questionnaire method in Google form, observation and references that have been used. The research data is analyzed and displayed in quantitative and qualitative form through tables and charts. From the findings of this study, awareness in Asian countries, including Malaysia, autism has improved and increased by 90 percent compared to previous years. However, a few parents and communities still do not believe their children have autism. Hopefully, with this study, teachers, kindergarten staff and kindergarten supervisors in the State of Pahang can manage and overcome children's autism problems during their teaching and learning in a better and more efficient way to avoid worsening the children's condition.

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