Gandalia Arts: The Reflection of Character Education Value

  • Indra Galih Pamungkas Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia
  • Muhammad Jazuli Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia
  • Restu Lanjari Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia
Keywords: Gandalia Arts, Existence, Reflection of Character, Education Values


andalia Arts: The Reflection of Character Education Value in Tambaknegara Village Communities, Rawalo District, Banyumas Regency examines two aspects, including The Existence of Gandalia Arts, and the main element is The Reflection of Character Education Value in Gandalia Arts. These two aspects were studied in the Analytical Qualitative Research Design, with a Case Study Approach based on the Centre for Curriculum Research and Development of the Ministry of National Education (2010: 9-10). Searching for data in this article used observational studies, interviews, documentation studies, and literature studies. In testing the validity of the data, this study used the triangulation method through the following processes: data reduction, data display, data analysis, and data conclusion.

The study shows that Gandalia arts still exist until this decade. There has been a change in the form of Gandalia Arts since born in 1925.  The Gandalia arts grew from individual instruments that were also functional for repelling “hama” (Javanese languages for pests, such as monkeys and wild boar) in the field to the Performance of Musical-Dance Drama called Gandalia. In another aspect, the character education value in Gandalia arts was in line with the Curriculum of the Ministry of National Education's Research and Development Centre (2010: 9-10) as follows, (1) patience, (2) hard work, (3) independent, (4) care for the environment, (5) positive character values, (6) social values, (7) responsibility,  (8) religious values, (9) love the motherland, (10) the value of tolerance, (11) the value of appreciating achievement, and (12) curiosity.