Web-Based Student Task Management System

  • Farhan Ahmad Nurzi University College of Yayasan Pahang
  • Kasmawahida Ab Wahab University College of Yayasan Pahang
Keywords: Student Task Management System, Web-based, Agile methodology


Task management systems are usually used by the project development teams to track their tasks from beginning to end, delegate subtasks to teammates, and set deadlines to make sure projects get done on time. It helps individuals to work more productively and efficiently. The same concept can be applied to students who have to perform group assignments but are located remotely from each other due to the closure of educational institutions because of the Covid19 pandemic. It is difficult for a student to divide group tasks since they only meet each other virtually through online classes with limited time. The objective of this project is to produce a web-based student task management system that can help UCYP students in managing their assignments and (to better manage the tasks assign) so they will not pass the deadline. The system has task tracking and recommendation features that help the student to manage their tasks easier and can decide the most important or critical task to do first. Student Task Management System implementing the Agile methodology in system development using JavaScript frameworks for both frontend and backend. The front-end is developed using Next.js and TypeScript while the back-end uses Node.js and GraphQL. The back-end itself will connect to the MongoDB database stored in the cloud using the MongoDB Atlas. This system implements authentication using the help of Firebase authentication which makes it easy for users to log in using their Google or Facebook accounts. The Web-based Student Task Management System was able to solve the problem of managing students’ tasks and making them become more productive and efficient in their studies.