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All papers are subject to a double-blind peer-review process based on an initial screening by the editor criteria for evaluation include a significant contribution to the field, conceptual quality, appropriate methodology and clarity of exposition.




Vol 2 No 1: March 2020

Published: 2020-03-31

The Ecolinguistics of Malay Langkat Mantra

Muhammad Natsir, Bahagia Saragih, Rafika Dewi Nst, Puan Suri Mira Annisa


The Correlation between Teaching Evaluation and Lecturers’ Performances

Nooradelena Mohd Ruslim, Ng Loo Ee, Norhusna Saharun, Nurhusna Baharuddin, Nurul Ain Abu Bakar, Mohd Khairil Abd Karim


Designing and Developing Artificial Intelligence Applications Troubleshooting Computers as Learning Aids

Andri Eka Putra, Kasman Rukun, Dedy Irfan, Engkizar, Wirdati, Munawir K, Fahrul Usmi, Azhar Jaafar @Ramli


Seven Motivations of Students Selecting Department of Islamic Teaching Education in Public University

Yunus Rahawarin, Engkizar, Rosniati Hakim, Widia Wahana Sari, Nadia Sri Ramdani, Indah Fadilatul Kasmar, Suci Wulandari, Yopie Andie Restari, Mutathahirin, Viola Amnda, Zainul Arifin


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