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The purpose of this study was to determine the process of implementing the SUSENAS program through recruitment, selection, and retention at the Lubuklinggau Central Statistics Agency. This study uses qualitative methods, the informants in this study are BPS employees of Lubuklinggau City, field officers, and the people of Lubuklinggau City, so that the sample obtained in this study amounted to 13 respondents. Data collection techniques in this study are documentation techniques and interviews. The data analysis technique used is the SWOT analysis. The results show that development achievements are the main data source for policymakers in planning national development, one of which is through the National Socio-Economic Survey (Susenas) which is the main support for meeting the needs of the government in implementing national development in line with the National Medium-Term Development Plan, to planning, monitoring, and evaluating, as well as measuring the accountability of development and public welfare, namely through the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), is a Non-Departmental Government Institution in Indonesia that has duties based on Presidential Decree No. 103/2001 concerning Position, Duties, Functions, Authority, Organizational Structure, and Work Procedure of non-Departmental Government Institutions, carry out government duties in the field of statistical activities in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations. in the process of recruitment, selection, and retention on the implementation of the national socio-economic program in the Lubuklinggau municipal statistics body, the writer can conclude that the Lubuklinggau City Central Statistics Agency seeks qualified, disciplined, and responsible field officers so that the resulting data is of high quality. Constraints encountered in implementing the national socio-economic census program (SUSENAS) on recruitment, selection, and retention of human resources at the Lubuklinggau municipal statistical body are fluctuations where prospective officers who do not meet the needs of the public interest who are less interested in becoming field officers due to lack of promotion from the field of statistics. Central Agency for Statistics of the City of Lubuklinggau.)</p> Utami Riani Putri, Syamsir Copyright (c) 2020 UTAMI RIANI PUTRI AMY Wed, 30 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0800 Online learning and students' mo A research study on the effect of online learning and students' motivation in IAIN Padangsidimpuan <p>An investigation was carried out to determine the strength of the relationship between online-learning and students’ motivation among&nbsp; the students who participated in this research. The objective of the research is to know whether online learning can increase the students’ motivation or not This research was conducted in State Institute for Islamic Studies Padangsidimpuan in which 100 students took part as the samples of the research. The samples of this research were the students in Intensive Language Program IAIN Padangsidimpuan. Questionnaire was applied to access the data from the students participating in this process. The data was stattistically computed by using Pearson’s correlation coefficient. The findings of this research proved that online-learning and students’ motivation have a weak correlation. Using Pearson Correlation Coefficient it was found that r=0.156 is lower than r table = 0.5. &nbsp;This internet-based learning poorly affected the students’ willingness to learn. The students were demotivated when they have to learn through online. As a matter of fact, motivation is the most essential element in influencing the students in learning virtually. This is happened because of several reasons including lack of technology skill, poor online learning designing, money and time consuming, and the inadequate internet access.</p> Sri minda Nasution Copyright (c) 2020 Sri minda Nasution Thu, 01 Oct 2020 09:17:28 +0800 The Role of Family in Islamic Education in the New Normal Area <p>Family is the first education for children. In the neigbhourhood the child gets the influence, because that is the family is the highest educational institution.&nbsp; It is in this family that the child gets care from the parents heading in the direction its development.&nbsp; Before a child knows the environment, the social, the school and the outside world. &nbsp;He was first influenced by his family environment, especially his parents. This research methode uses qualitative approach, with a purpose to obtain data related to Islamic education within community. This research more focuses on role of the parents themselves in Islamic education in the new normal era. Basic conclusion obtained from this research is parents who have significant role in educating their children.The first thing is very important implanted in yourselves sons of the in the process of education first this is planting religious values .Its very important as early as possible in yourselves sons of the basic must be built strong religious provide financial support for him to lived his life.</p> Nurul ZH, Elis Ariska, Nikmah Hidayati Harahap, Larasati Nur Kharomah Copyright (c) 2020 Nurul ZH Thu, 01 Oct 2020 09:21:10 +0800 Factors of Selecting Photographic Image as an Instagram’s Profile Picture <p>Digital photography has become a trending tool in every part of communication in social media. Every photograph contains its meaning and story. This recent study was focusing on profile pictures among Instagram users. Moreover, this study was aiming at investigating the factors of selecting photographic image as an Instagram’s profile picture. Therefore, a qualitative research method was applied to find out the accurate factor. The technique of collecting data was Focus Group Discussion (FGD) technique by using Uses &amp; Gratification Theory. The participants of this current study were 10 tertiary students. As a result, the finding reveals that there were 5 factors of selecting photographic image as an Instagram profile picture but the main factor was the image that shows self-portrait and lifestyle status.</p> Mohd Pirdaus Mat Husain, Sumarsih Copyright (c) 2020 Mohd Pirdaus Mat Husain Thu, 01 Oct 2020 09:29:52 +0800 Covid Handling in Aceh; Cultural Communication Perspective <p>The Covid-19 pandemic phenomenon has caused global panic to all aspects of people's lives. The Government of Aceh implements various policies, including social distancing, quarantine, and holding cells to break the chain of virus spreading. An interesting thing to study from the perspective of cultural communication is the traditional, cultural, and religious traditions in Aceh so that Aceh has its uniqueness in facing the threat of Covid -19. Acehnese people have unique rituals from generation to generation to fight the plague that is happening. After a patient died of Covid-19 on 23 March 2020, the Acehnese held a remembrance and prayer rejecting the plague by gathering in places of worship or open fields until a torch parade surrounded the boundaries of each village guided by leaders and leaders religion, by applying the protocol established by the government. This case shows a balance between effort and prayer. At first glance, there is a contradiction between the social distancing recommendations and the ritual of rejecting the plague. It also has the support of various parties from several local authority holders. According to the report of the Aceh Covid Cluster and Covid Indonesia Task Force, 2 June 2020, 14 city districts in Aceh entered the green zone.</p> Rahmadianawati, Zulfikar A. Makam, Zulfikar AR, Oknita, Said Mahdi Copyright (c) 2020 Zulfikar fikar Thu, 01 Oct 2020 09:34:28 +0800 Women Language in Indonesian Television Talk Show <p>This study was aimed at analyzing the Women Language in Indonesia by three Television Talk Show with female hosts in a different context. There are Mata Najwa in politics, Marry Riana in Social, and Feni Rose Widyadhari, Rumpi in entertainment. The analysis is based on the utterances of female hosts , so all objects in this research are Women. The findings of this research show that there are 39 times of lexical hedges or fillers, tag questions 17 times, rising intonation on declarative 19 times, empty adjectives 6 times, intensifiers 26 times, hypercorrect grammar 13 times, super polite forms 3 times, avoidance of strong swear words only one, and emphatic stress 24 times occurs in 3 different talk shows. This study shows that women's language mostly used the kind of Lexical hedges or filler in the utterance to have a purpose in giving a sequence time to think what they will say next in the talk show.</p> Fauziah Khairani Lubis, Syamsul Bahri Copyright (c) 2020 Syamsul Bahri, Fauziah Khairani Lubis Thu, 01 Oct 2020 10:01:27 +0800 A Reconstruction of Oral Literature Rabab Pasisia Kaba Gadih Basanai in Efforts to Establish the Moral Value of Children <p>It is interesting to study <em>Kaba Gadih Basanai</em> for several reasons, namely (1) kaba is increasingly disappearing from the lives of Minangkabau society; (2) young generations who are able to deliver this <em>kaba</em> are getting fewer; and (3) this <em>kaba</em> contains very positive moral values for education in Indonesia. This study aimed to reconstruct the moral values contained in <em>Kaba Gadih Basanai</em>, so that this study would facilitate the reader to understand <em>Kaba Gadih Basanai</em>. The findings obtained from this story are the moral values which include (1) friendly, (2) humble, (3) sociable, (4) respect for parents, (5) knowing reciprocity, (6) high sense of brotherhood, (7) loyal, (8) selfless, (9) the habit of gambling. Thus, it can be concluded that <em>kaba</em> is laden with teachings that are worthy of imitation even though we live in a sophisticated world. However, there are also negative moral teachings that must be avoided</p> M. Aries Taufiq, Hasri Fendi, Rahmi Eka Putri, Agustina, Harris Efendi Thahar Copyright (c) 2020 M. Aries Taufiq, Hasri Fendi, Rahmi Eka Putri, Agustina, Harris Efendi Thahar Thu, 01 Oct 2020 09:03:20 +0800 The The Employee’s Professionalism to Realize Public Service Satisfaction <p>The immigration function contained in Law Number 6 of 2016 chapter I article I point three states that immigration is one of the institutions that performs state functions in the administrative sector. To carry out its task, competent officers are needed to provide satisfaction in service as an effort torealize a good condition of social environtment in public service. In the service process during service is important. Customers always demand fast, uncomplecated and low cost of service. For thats demand fulfilled, professionalism must be build to create the social fair and safe. The aims of research to prove that customer satisfaction is not only influenced by service quality but can be influenced by other factors. It also prove that the customer satisfaction important in realize good social environtment at a good public service. Method of research used quantitative with survey approach. Data obtained using a questionnaire that has been tested for validity and reliability. Data was collected from 394 respondent and processed using version 20.0 SPSS application. This study use professionalism as independent variable, customer equity as dependent variable and responsiveness as intervening variable. Result of study finded indications that there has a direct positive influence on professionalism and responsiveness to customer satisfaction. However, responsiveness variables can be predictor variables that give indirect positive effect professionalism to customer satisfaction.</p> Aziza Bila Copyright (c) 2020 Aziza Bila Thu, 01 Oct 2020 10:07:59 +0800 Lexical Interference of Mandailing Language on Indonesian Language at Sitamiang Baru Padangsidimpuan <p>The study aimed to analyze how the language lexical interference of Mandailing Language on Indonesian language. The study conducted descriptive qualitative research as a research method. The subject of the study was the society at Sitamiang Baru, Padangsidimpuan. The techniques of collecting data were interview and recording. In addition, the data were analyzed based on Miles and Huberman in Sugiyono (2016: 338) who said that the steps of analyzing data are; 1) data reduction; 2) data display; 3) conclusion drawing/verification. The result of the study showed that Interference at group vocabulary level, i.e. lexical interference in the form of words basis and lexical interference in the form of repeat words. It means that the society tried to speak by using Indonesian language however, there are some interferences which make the language is interfered by Mandailing language.</p> Sumarsih Copyright (c) 2020 Sumarsih Thu, 01 Oct 2020 10:15:59 +0800 Perceptions of English Education Program Students Towards The Profesionalism of English Education Lecturers in Online Learning at IAIN Parepare <p>Perception can be interpreted as a process of giving meaning to a phenomenon, event or object. professionalism is interpreted as a professional trait. Those traits are mastering the Science in their field and have high skills in carrying out their duties. This Study aimed to describe the students' perceptions of professionalism lecturer English Education Program, State Islamic Institute of Parepare. To achieve this goal a questionnaire was distributed to 50 students (40% of the population). This Research is a descriptive quantitative study with a survey approach. The data processed using simple tabulation techniques and the data qualitatively interpreted. There are five aspects of the professionalism observed, namely: the ability to speak English, online teaching skills, insights, timeliness and using of online learning application. By the results of data analysis found that, the lecturers of English Education Program, State Islamic Institute of Parepare has a high level of professionalism.</p> Mujahidah, Nur Afiah, Syaiful Copyright (c) 2020 Mujahidah Munawir Thu, 01 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0800 The Real Women Inside the Garden, a Study of John Steinbeck’s Women in “The Chrysanthemums” and “The White Quail” <p>This paper aims to examine the portrayal of Elisa and Mary in accordance to their role as modern society woman as it is portrayed in the story. We read closely about the story’s focus which is upon Elisa and her garden, Elisa and her husband; Mary and her garden, Mary and her husband, and lastly Elisa and Mary and their surroundings. At the end of this paper, how the two women portayed in accordance to their circumstances are described. Thus, we can say that Elisa and Mary regard garden as a privately sacred place for their truest self, their ideal life, and their dream. Elisa and Mary can reach their highest spiritual strength when they work in their garden. Seemingly garden refers to their identity. They are women as a representative of productive role regarding their gardens. However, circumstances share a reluctant response for their so-called productive existence. Finally, they fail escaping from unproductive, unacceptable, trivial role imposed on their being as a woman viewed by surrounding. Elisa fails getting approval for her existence as she sees her chrysanthemums is being discarded and tossed cruelly. Mary also fails getting approval for her idealism of her role as an artistic woman as Harry shoots the symbolic quail instead. His rebellious shoot of the white quail is to show his inmost value as a husband.</p> Indah Damayanti Copyright (c) 2020 Indah Damayanti Thu, 01 Oct 2020 09:12:49 +0800 The Influence of Social Communication during Covid-19 Pandemic <table width="593"> <tbody> <tr> <td width="387"> <p>This paper presents on how social communication asserts its influence on social life during Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic. Basically, communication is an important media where people build their relationship. The advance of technological information and communication has improved ways to communicate with the availability of media as an alternative of face-to-face communication. For this reason, this paper discusses approaches to social communication during the pandemic. The focus is on how communication changes since the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic. Such phenomenon has prompted distances among society which is known as social distancing. It is not to ban the moves of society, yet to prevent the spread of the virus by implementing the distance. Besides, it is significant to minimize social interaction due to a serious threat of Covid-19. In the case of Indonesia, country lockdown is not chosen to be implemented; yet, physical and social distancing is chosen as an effort to the pandemic prevention. Furthermore, strict health protocols in social interaction have been practiced and maintained during current new life era. Because social distancing is practiced widely, engaging in communicative activities using media has played important roles for society. As a result, technology plays a significant change in social communication that occurs in the way they communicate, how they think, and how they behave as social beings.&nbsp;</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> Hamdani Hamdani, Misran Fuadi, Jufliwan Jufliwan, T. Mursal T. Mursal, Jamaluddin Jamaluddin Copyright (c) 2020 Hamdani Hamdani, Misran Fuadi, Jufliwan Jufliwan, T. Mursal T. Mursal, Jamaluddin Jamaluddin Thu, 01 Oct 2020 10:27:09 +0800 The Effects of Lexical Profiling Tools on Academic Writing Performance <p>Advancement in computer technology and corpus linguistics has produced lexical profiling tools which provide opportunity for learners’ corpus to be examined. This study investigated the effects of lexical profiling tools on academic writing and the CEFR levels of the writings. 68 diploma students took part in this experimental study using Timed Informative Writing Test (TIWT). The lexical profiling tools used in the study were English Vocabulary Profile, and Text Analyzer. The results revealed that the students in the experimental group which used the lexical tools perform better in academic writing test and CEFR level than the control group which used the course module. Thus, these tools could help the students to be independent learners and improve their academic writing performance.</p> <p>Keywords: Lexical Profiling Tools, Academic Writing, Lexical knowledge</p> Suzana Ahmad, Rafizah Mohd Rawian Copyright (c) 2020 Suzana Ahmad, Rafizah Mohd Rawian Thu, 01 Oct 2020 10:29:36 +0800 Religion, Moral and Modernisation of Urban Society: A Study on the Roles of Religion in Youth Development in Lampung, Republic of Indonesia <p>Modernisation is the consequence of the demands of the development that brings negative impacts to the society. It is undeniable that modernization also brings abundance of positive impacts that ease the life of people and that modernization and humanization cannot be separated. In this context, the youth are considered as unstable being, who easily being controlled by multi-access communication technology; from social, fashion, behaviour, lifestyle, and ideology. Almost all of the damaging sides of technology affect the youth. Religion as the spiritual agent has a major role in combating this change in the society. Religion can act as the social control to hinder from immoral behaviour and worthless actions among the society. The main issue in the current study is to investigate the role of religion in strengthening the moral among the teenagers. This research was conducted by using qualitative method. Data were collected through observation, interview and documentation. The participants of this research were the people of the rural areas in Bandar Lampung. After data collection was carried out, the data were processed qualitatively using the data reduction process, data exposure, and data verification. To conclude, the existence of the negative effects of modernization resulted from lack of religious virtues and parents’ control over their children’s social behaviour.</p> Suhandi, Azhar Jaafar Copyright (c) 2020 Suhandi, Azhar Jaafar Mon, 19 Oct 2020 08:39:04 +0800 A Typical Instrument for Assessing the Genre-Based Writing <p class="p1">Recently, it is a fact that the genre-based writing English Curriculum in Indonesia either in high or higher education has been implemented for years. Unfortunately, it seems that the student’s writing is not assessed in accordance to the nature of genre based writing itself yet. As a matter of fact, assessment plays important role to success of teaching and learning. A proper assessment instrument leads to the valid and reliable learning achievement or otherwise. In terms of genre based writing, as a typical approach to teaching and learning writing also needs the assessment instrument meeting the nature of the genre based writing itself. This paper is aiming at providing a preliminary understanding and sights of typical instrument for assessing the genre based writing.</p> I Wy. Dirgeyasa Copyright (c) 2020 I Wy. Dirgeyasa Mon, 19 Oct 2020 08:02:04 +0800 The Drivers of Organizational Commitment in Malaysian SME’s: Do Intellectual Stimulation, Inspirational Motivation and Individualize Consideration Play a Role? <p>Abstract</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Leadership are important issue to be address for an organizational to success. Many studies shows that good leadership can increase employees’ commitment to the organization. This study examines the linkages between intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation and individualize consideration on organizational commitment. Using an established questionnaire captured from the leadership literature, data was collected from 452 employees of SME firms in Malaysia. Data was analyzed using multiple regression analysis. The results indicate that both intellectual stimulation and individualize consideration were significant and positively related to organizational commitment (β = 0.28, p &lt; 0.01) and (β = 0.35, p &lt; 0.01) respectively. In sum, the research model was able to explain a total of 48% variance.</p> Ruzita Manshor, Ahmad Munir Mohd Salleh, Mohd Shaladdin Muda, Fahmi Zaidi Abdul Razak, Kamaazura Abu Bakar Copyright (c) 2020 RUZITA MANSHOR, Ahmad Munir Mohd Salleh, Mohd Shaladdin Muda, Fahmi Zaidi Abdul Razak, Kamaazura Abu Bakar Mon, 19 Oct 2020 08:17:34 +0800