Lexical Interference of Mandailing Language on Indonesian Language at Sitamiang Baru Padangsidimpuan

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The study aimed to analyze how the language lexical interference of Mandailing Language on Indonesian language. The study conducted descriptive qualitative research as a research method. The subject of the study was the society at Sitamiang Baru, Padangsidimpuan. The techniques of collecting data were interview and recording. In addition, the data were analyzed based on Miles and Huberman in Sugiyono (2016: 338) who said that the steps of analyzing data are; 1) data reduction; 2) data display; 3) conclusion drawing/verification. The result of the study showed that Interference at group vocabulary level, i.e. lexical interference in the form of words basis and lexical interference in the form of repeat words. It means that the society tried to speak by using Indonesian language however, there are some interferences which make the language is interfered by Mandailing language.

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Sumarsih. (2020). Lexical Interference of Mandailing Language on Indonesian Language at Sitamiang Baru Padangsidimpuan. Asian Social Science and Humanities Research Journal (ASHREJ), 2(2), 63-69. https://doi.org/10.37698/ashrej.v2i2.44


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