The Effects of Lexical Profiling Tools on Academic Writing Performance

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Suzana Ahmad
Rafizah Mohd Rawian


Advancement in computer technology and corpus linguistics has produced lexical profiling tools which provide opportunity for learners’ corpus to be examined. This study investigated the effects of lexical profiling tools on academic writing and the CEFR levels of the writings. 68 diploma students took part in this experimental study using Timed Informative Writing Test (TIWT). The lexical profiling tools used in the study were English Vocabulary Profile, and Text Analyzer. The results revealed that the students in the experimental group which used the lexical tools perform better in academic writing test and CEFR level than the control group which used the course module. Thus, these tools could help the students to be independent learners and improve their academic writing performance.

Keywords: Lexical Profiling Tools, Academic Writing, Lexical knowledge

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Ahmad, S., & Mohd Rawian, R. (2020). The Effects of Lexical Profiling Tools on Academic Writing Performance. Asian Social Science and Humanities Research Journal (ASHREJ), 2(2), 96-106.


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